“Your Programme Seems Too Good To Be True”

too goodSome people been asking. They say what I'm offering on this free trial programme that I need volunteers for seems too good to be true.

And it would appear so, on the surface yes - it does appear that this is too good to be true.

But what if it wasn’t?

What if it delivered exactly what it says it will?

I get scepticism, I really do. It’s important. 

But equally important is the willingness to fully test it.

You can sit on the sidelines with your arms folded all your life if you like, but doing so means you’ll never play.

You can stick your toe in the water, but the only way of really knowing is by jumping in.

That’s a tip you can take for any part of your life.

Like your relationship, for example.

If you never fully jump in, you will never know.

The other thing that is a bit sad in a sense, we as humans have become so used to stress and struggle that we believe it's an inevitable part of life.

But what if it's not?

Seriously. ^^^^

What if stress was useless to you?

I had a discussion with my brother (he’s a banker) - we were talking about this very thing.

He argued that he got paid to be stressed.

I said no, he gets paid to be responsible, not stressed.

Stress isn’t necessary.

A certain level of aliveness and focus and intensity is required sometimes, but stress?


All the times in the outdoors when I’ve been overloaded with fear and self doubt?

Had a terrible time. Got worked over.

Went over a waterfall backwards and upside down once, simply because I freaked out and shut down.

Not nice.

You stress, you shut down, sometimes you actually curl up into a little ball.

Which is lovely when you’re at home in bed, but halfway up a rock face?

Not pretty.

Becoming free of the habits that you have that lead to overload and stress will take work.

It will.

I don't have a magic pill. And if you're looking for one you might as well unsubscribe now.

Becoming better at anything takes effort.

It takes practice, and practicing the right things.

I can give you these right things.

It also takes not stopping until you're done.

And not many people actually go all the way.

But if you’re willing to not stop until you get what you want, then wow.

There’s nothing that can stop you.

For the sceptics, this I do know: These tools that I am offering to teach 8, maybe 10, volunteers (for free, although there are some requirements), are simple, easy to practice and integrate into the outdoors, and your life.

They work for all those who use them as I taught them. They do what they say they will.

You get freedom from that whiny voice in your head so you, well, don’t have that guy in your head because he’s a bit of a dick, and annoying actually.

The trial programme is of sufficient time for you to develop the habit of using them.

After the programme you’ll have the results, the motivation, and the understanding to keep using them.

I’m actually guaranteeing that if you do what I say, you won’t want to stop using them.

You will see such change as well as potential for future use, you won’t want to stop.

Your partner and family won’t want you to stop using them either, such is the pleasure of having the best version of you around.

And if none of that happens for you?

I’ll unreservedly coach you one on one until you get the results you do want.

For as long as it takes.

I don’t know how you can lose.

So if you want a spot, get more information here before someone else gets your seat:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/outdoors/ Have a great day, ok? Arjuna

PS. My brother, the banker?

He did one of my early programmes, and loved it.

If it works for bankers and all the heavy karma they’re carrying?

It’ll work for you:


I’m really joking about the karma.