“Your Ego’s Writing Cheques Your Body Can’t Cash”

egoClassic line from Top Gun.

“Your ego’s writing cheques your body can’t cash”

We used to say that to each other all the time with mock seriousness.

A great reminder too.

Went kayaking a few weeks ago (dam release), and there was a friend of a friend who came along.

Nice guy, but he loved to talk.

Waiting for the shuttle car to come back from the bottom of the run and I couldn't decide whether he was a legend paddler or just had a huge mouth.

Turns out he just told big stories. He delivered little on the river.

Which I don’t mind, I love heading out with anyone who is up for a good time but when you’re telling stories about that bus eating wave on the Zambezi in Africa, or that expedition in Pakistan, it’s just hollow.

There are so many people who talk big but deliver little.

Don't get me wrong, I love telling stories. Sometimes I tell the same one over and over - just ask my wife. She's heard them all at least 12 times.

At least I’m amused by them.

But isn’t it better to deliver much much more than you say you do, or will?

Letting your actions speak much louder than your words, to me at least, is the seemly and gentlemanly way to go about life.

All the people I admire the most have found that quiet confidence within them. It’s not about other people knowing how great they are, their compass is an internal one.

Their success quotient is based on achieving and living up to some truly lofty aspirations, but their success isn’t about who knows about it, or even so much an external measure.

Indeed, success for some is simply getting out of bed in the morning.

Success and achievement is based in that they overcame something within themselves.

And overcoming yourself is more than enough heroism for one lifetime.

That’s why these guys and girls are so inspiring to me. Because the confidence is based on something real.

That no matter what they know the depths of themselves, and in a challenge won’t shy away from doing their best to overcome it, and their fears and concerns along the way.

What do you think?

And probably more importantly, how do you want to live?

Want the mental skills to tick your goals off much easier?

For getting such heroic mental fortitude you may well be interested in the Mountain Mindset programme that I need volunteers to help me test.

It’s designed to give you a foundation where you have "mental fortitude":

- Negativity gives way to positivity. Life is just rosier, "lighter". No matter what you laugh more, and decide to do more. - Fuzzy, “not sure what to do” gives way to clarity and certainty. Problems still come but you know how to deal with them - Dissatisfaction gives way to contentment. You let go much easier, you enjoy yourself a lot more. - Worrying about the future or regret for the past? You live much more in this moment, where you can actually do something about it. - Fear and self doubt is not so much conquered, but ignored. Put to one side once the decision is made to transcend it. It gives you the ability to balance your life - so you nurture all aspects of your life.

It’s said that men in particular work too hard, forgetting the very reason why they work.

What good is building a fine empire if, when you finally return to the castle, it’s empty?

Although the trial programme is free, none of this will come without you doing some work.

There’ll be a load of support and guidance from me and the rest of the guys on the programme.

I’ll give you the right tools, but you will need to use them. Just so you know.

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And have a great day.

Get in touch if you need anything, anything at all Arjuna

PS. No really - have a great day. You just don’t know how much time you actually have.