A life with no strain or struggle? Friday homework!

life with no struggle small.jpeg

A life without struggle, strain or stress?

Possible, yay or nay? Discuss.

I say: Possible. Very possible indeed. It means approaching life – your same old life – a little differently than many people, but though rarely done, it's a simple thing.

Read on and we’ll chat after:


Sometimes it may seem like life works against us, and so we push and push. But what if you really knew that life, the whole Universe, is your best friend and is always, always doing everything it can to provide for you?

How would you treat life then? What if you never had to fight because life was always on your side? How would you feel then?

You are not put on this Earth to struggle through life. You are a walking miracle that deserves to be as happy as you want without trying.  This week, your job is to live as if all your needs are always met, and all you need to do is enjoy. Try it, wear it, feel it. 

You might like it! 

The great Tony Robbins likes to say, “Life is not happening TO you, but FOR you.”

One of your jobs here on Earth is to assume that to be true. You have certain jobs, and this is one of them. Don't blame me, I didn't make the roster, it's just one of those things. Take it up with your boss if you really need someone to point the finger at, alright?

Everything, everything, is happening for you. You may never know the whys, but the presence and the curiosity when you fully and completely launch into that "FOR me" attitude is incredible. It is a game changer.

Indeed, the basis for my whole life changed when I finally fully put that to use(it took a few hearings to get through). The battles, the “why?” questions, the frustration, so much struggle trying to force things to happen … they all vanished when I assumed life was happening FOR me.

Flowing with what is and ease rather than resisting and pushing and trying has been a revelation from this FOR me attitude.

Life never happens the way you expect it to. Sometimes you’re given not what you wantbut you are given exactly what you need. It's actually a bit spooky how exact that is when you embrace the FOR me attitude.

I now am very grateful for getting exactly what I need. It’s obvious looking back I’ve been looked after.

I can't say it's always been comfortable, but many of the things I've experienced that I thought were unwelcome at the time have actually meant I’ve learnt some valuable lessons, and now live in a more caring, kinder, courageous, present way.

The unwelcome and unexpected has meant growth: And that is truly what is important to me.

What is important to you?

Truly important, to you? Got it? Excellent – life is happening to bring you that in the quickshortestest possible amount of time. Quickshortestest? You know, like yesterday!

So – enjoy this practice ... celebrate it, don't fight it. And let me know how you go.

Go well,

Don’t just read this and let it slip your mind.

How are you going to remind yourself, how you going to keep whatever you have taken from these words at the forefront of your attention?

Important this is. It makes a dream become reality in an ASAP.

If you’d like my help getting to a place where you live in a state of constant remembering, then that would be lovely. Here’s the low down on my mentoring programme: