Flow! Being without doing? Homework for ye!

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“What the hey?!” you may say … 

The whole thing about being without doing, doing without actually doing anything ... so confusing.

And I get you. Sometimes this spiritual business can be so paradoxical that it's nonsensical.

Now - Sometimes it doesn’t make sense because the person speaking/writing doesn’t know what they’re talking about. True that. You have a very good bullshit detector. Don’t throw that away because someone seems “spiritual.” Don’t close yourself down either, openness and curiosity is an incredibly valuable – and rare – commodity these days. It's all about balance.

So – back to the topic for you to explore this week.

How do you live a life so present, so filled with “being” that doing (action) becomes effortless?

Well, read the topic, and I’ll explain after:

When you are fully present, fully in your centre, ideas, desires and projects arise effortlessly. Through you they can come about, purely and simply, and without effort, doubt, fear.

If you constantly get out of the way and give the outcome back to its Source, you will notice how things are done through you without trying or stress on your side. In fact, the more you try, the less flow you experience. 

Use your Ascension Attitudes, or whatever tool you use to become present and aware, and become the observer. Observe a most wonderful life manifested through you.

Yet, this is not sitting still, doing nothing!

Observe how when you get out of the way, there is full enjoyment of every part of the journey to bring an idea to life. Doubt and struggle vanish; the pace of life becomes more clear: You'll know when to act, when to wait, when to speak, when to go and when to be patient. 

Working with and never against, fully present and alive.

You know this!! You do. You know that space of when everything unfolds effortlessly. You may have forgotten it, however you have experienced it.

This state of Flow, of being in the Zone, is a hot topic these days. 

How, why, where, when ... every woman man, child and their mother has their measuring stick about them, trying to make Flow happen again.

I know the how ...

Flow all comes from being present. Get yourself immersed in this moment in time. In your innate inner presence and sense of being, then everything happens in a subtly yet very different way.

Do your day – but return constantly to presence – you will notice it flowing so differently from a day when you’re in your head, trying to force it through.

This whole topic is really about the difference between force and Flow.

Get present, don’t look for Flow, just get present and see what happens.

Don't look for Flow. Don't look for anything. The more you chase something, the more it hides. Just get present and go.

And report back!

Go well,

Flow - the heights of human life.

I believe it’s possible for anyone to have, all through some practice. Just practice, then it becomes a skill.

In this free guide of mine, there are a ton of small things you can practice to get more present, more Flow, less struggle: