Are You Awful? Friday homework!

awful small.jpeg

There are few things better than a state of awe.

It’s right up there with love.

It’s what we live for – to be full of awe. Awful. You see? Ha!

It’s what we fight and hunt and struggle and get stressed for, actually. The harder you fight though, the more awe slips away, simply because we have it all back to front.

We think:

Get work done, carry out responsibilities, then – and only then – can I rest and enjoy, relax and be happy.

No, doesn’t work, never consistently get there. Do you?

You have to be happy first. How? Well, if you’ve been reading this for a while you know:

Get present. Then contentment has a chance of turning into happiness which means then awe has a great chance of coming and getting you.

But it’s being present with a twist. Read on and I’ll explain later:


Awe is the natural state of human beings.

You were born in total awe. And it feels great to return to awe. All time stops. You're immersed in the thing in front of you: "Wow!"

Want to regain that?

Imagine, just for this week, that everything you meet in your daily life, you encounter for the first time.  Opening the shower, talking to your loved ones, eating a hamburger or going to work. Do it as if it really was the first time. Be totally present, fresh and new. Be wide open, experience it all.

You might discover that judgements and routine and boredom only exist in the mind. Resting in the present moment, beyond thought, brings you to a state of natural awe where no preconceived ideas can exist, only life itself. No problems, only curiosity.

Be present and fresh: Let the world around you transform into a magical, continual wow. 


Awe comes from being present combined with being innocent.

They are the same thing actually. When you’re truly and unconditionally present, you’re fresh, open, no expectations, innocent. But splitting them gives you two things to practice:

Tap into the presence of Now, and Innocence.

That is all for this week – simply said, but with profound effects.

Do it! Don't do it, don't get.

Be fresh above all things and tell me what happens.

Good luck and go well!

A life of complete innocence and presence. Imagine that? No more stress, just happy, for no reason. You were born like this, you can return to this.

That's why I wrote this list of simple things you can do: