Do You Know How Amazing You Are? Homework for ye!

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The great poet and mystic Rumi ...

He who is patron saint of those suffering with Rumitoid arthritis (I think. It's something like that), once said:

By God, when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself.

He was one smart dude.

He knew which way was up. He knew how to take not a single thing seriously, he knew the most precious thing anyone possessed was contact with your innate (natural or pre-existing, already within you) state of internal grace and presence and, indeed, power.

But here's the thing:

Could his words, those that he speaks about YOU, be true?

The study/homework topic for you today is inspired by our friend the poet and patron of rumi-nescing (which means to think deeply, yet absurdly, about something)

Read on, and if I have anything further to add, I shall, don’t you worry about that.


Are you in awe of yourself?

If not ... you should be! Millions of years needed to happen just so could be here, right now, reading this. Your body is the most amazing machine that can possibly exist (isn't skin incredible? And it's waterproof!).  You have these intangible things called emotions that enable you to interact with the world around you. You have the ability to speak, to see, to touch, to smell, to laugh, to love. 

You are the full package. You. There is nothing not worthy of awe about you. 

Because you are awe-some. Cheesy, but true. 

Chances are, you are far too hard on yourself. Brutal, self-violent even.

You focus on the wrong, the mistakes, the things you think you should be.

But how often do you focus on your strengths, the things you got right, the things you already are, the things that could go right?

You are phenomenal, and you will only get better.

You don’t need to realise this, I think it’s actually impossible to truly recognise how amazing you are, but you do need to tone down the criticism.

Actually, you don’t need do anything, but I strongly suggest you do.

A brief glance at how you are now and what you would like to do better is more than enough. Hitting yourself over the head for perceived infractions is just brutal. It doesn’t help a single thing.

Go gently on yourself.

So! Your topic is many things. It is to be kind. To tune in and give thanks. To be innocent with yourself. To drop all history and give yourself the chance to make this moment anew. It is to notice how much of a miracle each and every moment is.

(A miracle too over the top for you? Oh well. Perhaps you could approach awe just by being al little fresh?)

You have so much, you are so much, you are capable of so many great things.

As soon as you act and be despite the voice of doubt, worry, fear, control then you can really start going, really start living.

And I know one thing for sure: It is the most inspiring thing in the world to anyone watching.

Go well!

You are not the only one. You are not alone in beating yourself up. It’s a common thing. However, there is a way out. And that begins right here, right now. Want to make the jump?


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