Being free from the inner voice of over-the-top criticism

voice of criticism small.jpeg

You do know what I mean, right?

That voice, the one that beats you down. The voice of criticism, doubt, out-and-out violence. The one that means you waste so much time revisiting and rehashing so many conversations and deeds, replaying them and beating yourself up along the way.

If you’re anything like me, if you could you would cut it out. Trouble is … you can’t. A big part of your mission here on earth is to come to terms with the voice.

The voice may never go away, but the great news is: It doesn’t need to.

Fear, doubt, confusion may always be there. But your friend, your sanctuary in all of this is your inner sense of stillness and presence.

When you’re fully present, fully in your centre, the voice has no power.

It may shout, it may wheedle, it may whine, but it ends up being more like a two year old having a tantrum. Loud for sure, but nothing to be taken seriously.

Here’s the secret: Don’t fight the voice.

Instead, nurture, prioritise, protect, cling to your sense of presence and stillness.

That is the whole purpose of a meditation practice. Everything else is a bonus, but the main thing is getting so rock solid in your centre that the voice can not touch you.

Criticism and doubt and self-violence have been a huge part of my life. In many ways they are still there.

But my meditation practice has given me the ability not to listen. To ignore the voice.

Truly it has. The time spent in practice has paid off in that it has made my connection to centre so stable that entertaining the voice causes pretty much instant shock. It’s an immediate physical/emotional pain which tells me that I’ve left my centre and am now causing myself hurt.

The solution to back off comes easily.

How long does this take to develop?

I know not, it’ll depend on you. I do know however, that even a little practice, even just 10 minutes a day, regularly done, has dramatic effects for anyone.

Any time practicing simply makes that voice less compelling. Less real. Even more humorous, as in at times you will find it ridiculous. True. You may find yourself laughing at the voice, which is brilliant.

Then the voice becomes irrelevant, the internal handbrake comes off and life becomes a different proposition altogether. Okay?

You can do this too, you can. The sooner you start, the sooner your peace of mind becomes unshakeable.

Go well! 

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