Always Be Yourself, Unless …

Unless what? You ever seen the Lego Movie?

I saw it at the end of a 24 hour flight back from New Zealand and I thought it was hilarious.

I may have been suffering from exhaustion and subsequently my judgement may be off, but I did laugh my head off.

Hearing my laughter, Sumati was thinking she was missing out.

She must have watched 3 minutes before she switched it off, eyes rolling in that “you’re a doofus” way she has.

Lovingly of course.

So I'm excited - I’ve just seen there is a new Lego film, with the best catchphrase ever:

“Always be yourself … unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman”

Haha - Love it.

Who wouldn’t want to be Batman (minus the grumpiness of course)?


There's so much stuff out there about finding yourself, and being true, it’s all become a bit of a cliche, and commodified out of sight.

You can buy this thing and express your individuality, you know?

It’s all warped a bit.

But, like all these things, there’s a kernel of truth there.

So many people hide behind a mask, they try to live up to their idea of what other people want.

I used to do the same.

Exhausting, right? Trying to be liked, trying to be cool, trying to say the right things.

Oh man.

The greatest gift Ascension meditation has given me is the ability to be authentic.

It’s a case now of “Here I am, and I’m perfectly content with that sense of me, this is what I like, this is what I say, this is what I do.”

So much stress, so tiring trying to live up to an idea.

So much ease and calm from just being okay with who and what you are.

So much honesty too. So much more direct communication with people.

If you find you’re trying a bit hard (and you’ll know it) - what’s the solution?

Be absolutely present.

It's the solution to everything.

You have to think to hold up a mask; to be you is effortless.

Keep detaching from thinking about how you “should” be, that habit will crumble, and life will get much easier, and fun.

It takes effort to hold such a habit in place. It takes nothing to let go.



You need to meditate. It is the solution to making all your problems simpler.

How? Opt in here and I'll give you the how:

Everything comes from being okay in your own skin.

Acceptance is the best foundation for any transformation too.


Keep it easy, ok?



Batman takes himself a little seriously but I’m sure if he hangs out with the new Wonder Woman a bit, he’ll loosen up - don’t you think?