Sticking To It

I was listening to a dietitian the other day, a very wise man. Mike Sweeney is his name, in case you need a top notch fellow in that field.

He was saying that according to the research ALL diets work.

(To a certain degree - my fish and chip diet back in the day didn’t work that well for health and weight loss.)

The biggest failing point to each diet is people not staying with them.

So it’s not so much about what you do, but that you actually do it.

The best diet? The one you stick with.

The best gym training programme? The one you do.

The best meditation? The one you sit down to close your eyes for.

Adherence is the large word he used.

Adherence is the key to any kind of change.

Sticking to something.

Following it through.

Going beyond the dip in excitement that comes with everything.

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it …

Gotten so excited about something, and then dropped it.

Dip and then out.

Expecting this dip process is part of beating it.

If you know it’s coming you’ll be that much better prepared, you see.

I say this because in a little over 2 weeks a large number of people may well be turning to ideas of what they want to do in 2017.

Resolute. Determined. Motivated.

And then what happens when that runs out?

That’s right … back to the old ways.

One key to adherence is to make any scheme of improvement a game.

Give yourself a score so you can measure progress.

Then look to improve your score.

It's about progress and self-improvement.

You’ll only get into trouble when you get into a pass/fail mindset. Good/bad. Right/wrong.

Then you get into “I’ll never get it”, “I’m no good any way”, "might as well quit now" …

All that mental stuff stops you simply practicing, it stops the habit being formed.

On the other hand if you treat it like a game you can get better at -

(And because you're keeping score you can see that you’re improving)

You’re much much more likely to keep going.

The more you keep going (just do it!), the more likely it becomes a habit, an internal programme that you have set that helps you.

So even when motivation is a bit low, your internal habit system is already preformed.

You just do it.


I’ve been trialling an adherence programme, one to make Ascension meditation something you’ll look forward to doing each day.

And it’s been going great guns.

It’s amazing how you can have the greatest tools in the world for beating stress, becoming calm and focussed like a laser, cool as a cucumber, happier than a lobster …

But if someone doesn’t do it, they don’t get any results.

Kind of obvious, isn’t it?

So if having me walk you through learning to meditate properly (complete with all the short cuts I've picked up),

And then helping you make your practice a rock solid, enjoyable habit (so you’ll want to do it even on your worst days), is of interest then get in touch.

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Keep it easy out there. Arjuna

PS. Mike was also saying that one of the biggest causes of weight not coming off on any diet was stress.

Interesting huh?

Internal stress causes external change - your body tries to protect itself by holding tight to its resources.

And he said that people are more stressed than they realise.

So he makes meditation part of his diet plans because it means his clients reach all their goals quicker.


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