Want Less Stress? Just Get A Little Human

OK, so I’ve been hanging out with some kids this weekend. All in preparation for the arrival of my one.

Got one ordered.

It’s being manufactured as we speak.

Delivery should be late February.

Comes complete with adjustable volume, power down / sleep button, self clean function and full instruction manual.

Can’t wait.

Being dad will be simple with a model like that.

But these kids that are here this weekend?

Earlier models I think.

Don’t have any of the mod cons we’re getting.

They can’t even follow simple instructions.

Hard work, I tell you.

But do you know what?

They’re still pretty funny.

And they’re teaching me a lot about plans.

I have a plan …

... They do something different.

Like, the complete opposite.

I say - “don’t pick up the sheep poo”, they bend down and get two fists full of the stuff.

There’s a line somewhere between being super flexible and yet moulding them to my image, in a godly like fashion.

And all the while keeping my cool, cos losing it doesn't help, does it?

So I have a lot to learn, and they are teaching me a huge amount. Perfect!

But have you noticed that about plans?

That you only get stressed when reality doesn’t match your plan?

If you hold tight to your plan resistance happens.

“This should NOT be happening”.

The fact is it IS happening - and if you hold tight you’re in denial.

Resistance leads to denial which leads to stress.

Until you drop your plan to go with what IS happening.

Acceptance means you can adapt to the circumstances.

You can choose to accept, and therefore stress can be a choice.

A choice for sure that takes practice, but a choice nonetheless.

You start to realise your own peace and levels of calm becomes not about the situation but your reaction to it.

You can control your reaction, especially with practice …

… therefore you can learn to control stress, and anxiety, and panic, and worry.

I know I’ve written about this before but it just became so obvious with two under fives.

The power of your own choice.

Makes all of life so much better when you take responsibility for it.

Now, I’d better run after them because it’s all gone a little quiet.

Keep the Peace! Arjuna PS.

I did promise to look after them.

But who in their right minds gives kids to a complete beginner?

Err, hang on … mother nature does, doesn’t she?


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