What is your priority today?

So in your urgent list of things to do today, what will you make your foundation? You may have sorted the “what you need to do”, have you sorted the how?

In other words, what mode of operation are you prioritising today?

Is it get everything done, no matter what?

Or stay calm, clear and centred, no matter what?

I’m not saying don’t be busy, don’t get excited, don’t get passionate, or be real and honest…

What I mean is don’t lose it - whatever “it” may be to you.

Feel yourself winding up, getting a little tense at work?

What is the priority of today, of your life?

Take a moment. Come back down.

Feeling a little down, or negative? A few doubts or worries running amok in your head?

Are you going to entertain them, or choose to do something different?

Take a moment, shift your attention.

Life is too short to get wound up in the little stuff.

Or even the big stuff for that matter.

Stay cool, keep having fun.

It is a habit you can create, for sure. And it’s worth everything.


Today, prioritise peace first.

Tomorrow, you may want to do the same thing.