Creating your future, now

A big part of the teaching of Ascension, and any meditation or mindfulness practice worth it's salt, is:

Being present - practicing mindful, aware, non-judgemental acceptance.

The other part is actively creating your future ahead of you.

What do I mean by that?

When you’re super present, absorbed in the moment, you tend to have a glass half full point of view.

Life gets rosier because you’re not giving much attention to judgements and expectation and stuff like that.

You’re not spending a lot of time focusing on what you think is wrong or what you think "should be", you see.

When you’re fully tuned into “what is” -

All is well.

It is quite a place of contentment.

Now, if you get present AND also choose to focus on what is good and right in  your world,

Then that habit of focusing on the wrong and taking the good for granted starts to burn up.

You’re creating a better future for yourself by ridding yourself of the habits that are downward spiralling.

SO -

If you are feeling grumpy,

If you know you are making your partner’s life a misery,

If you want to improve any relationship, actually,

If you want to completely free yourself of ALL stress,

(I’m serious - because stress is caused when you overwhelmingly focus on what is wrong)

If you want to feel real gratitude for your life, your body, your world?

And never take anything for granted again?

If you want a truly Alive life?

Start appreciating and -yes- being grateful for everything, and anything -

Right NOW.

Go out of your way to choose to notice and speak these things.

Fill your days with them.

Your relationship will come alive.

Your body will come alive.

Your life will do the same.

And so quickly too - the future is here!

It’s not fake, it’s not forced -

It only feels that way because, actually, you haven’t done it much.

It’s an indicator of how much you focus on what is wrong.

Don’t wait to feel it before you say it - just think and say it, then the feeling will come.

Make sense?

Super important ^^^

That’s what I mean by creating your future ahead of you.


Give it a try and tell me how you go!

Go well



Your spouse may initially say something like “What have you done?”; “What do you want?” …

All in a suspicious manner ... like you're apologising in advance ...

Keep doing it, they’ll get used to it for sure.


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