The 2 traits necessary to transform


Stepping from one state of being to another.

Mastering your mind, mastering your stress, for example.

Being free of heart, mind, body and soul is another example.

Transformation requires many things.

A method - a tool, in other words, is one thing.

I use Ascension meditation but the breath is an excellent place to start,

And you always have the breath.

Guidance on how to use the tool is also extremely useful.

Many a person has tried to use a hammer where a screwdriver is better suited.

I think I’m mixing my metaphors here … but hopefully you get the idea.

Also - super useful to have someone, someones, who has been there, done that,

Tried to hammer and realised that is just mashes everything up …

This experience just fires you along as quickly as possible.

“Stand on the shoulders of giants”,

Is what, I believe, Sir Issac Newton once said.

And he made apples fall from trees - so clearly he was no dumbo.

But in terms of YOU -

2 personal traits that will help you immensely in mastering your mind,

Getting rid of stress and stepping into a cool, calm, content Aliveness,


Gentleness and Stubbornness.


Because you have to treat your head -

When it gets angry and full of rage and jealousy and frustration,

Or good old sorrow and guilt and worry -

You have to treat it as you would a baby having a loud cry and a bit of a tantrum.

No need to stick your ear close and listen to the shrieks -

(I know this one from experience)

But to shout and shake and try and get the damn thing to SHUT UP! is counter-productive.

Be as patient and gentle as possible,

As if your head was having teething troubles along with gas and colic and as many other baby / toddler troubles I can think of …

It isn’t you. It won’t last forever.

Gentle does it - bring yourself back to what you want to focus on,

Even, and especially, when it’s extra loud and extra mad.


Return, return, return.

Fighting it only creates more stress.


This is the ability to not stop until you get where you want to be.

Winston Churchill once said:

“When you’re going through hell, keep going”.

It could be tempting to stop and give up, to lie down and throw in the towel.

But the ability to gently but consistently keep going means nothing can stop you, ever.

And the truth is,

No matter what you are going through,

No matter what your head is telling you,

It will change.

It will settle, it will transform.

I can tell you this because I’ve been through it.

Buddha once said there was only two mistakes you can make on your part to freedom.

Not starting, and not going all the way.


If you’d like to talk about any of this,

Or anything at all - preferably not politics, but I am open to talking about good recipes …

But essentially how you can use my experience to help you transform in ways you wish …

Let’s do it.

I’ve got a few free spots this week and I’d love to help.

Go well!



I’ve got something coming I think you’re going to like.

I’ve been testing it over the last week or so to iron out the crinkles and it’s been just super.

It’s a plan to help you forget to be stressed.

Imagine that!

If you could just forget to be stressed?

Hang in there, and I’ll tell you more tomorrow.