Deeper rest and faster recovery - here's how

restAwesome factoid about meditation I was telling you about… And proof that sitting around doing “nothing” gives you much much more than you might have realised.

When I was down, sick with man flu last week,

I took a big chunk of time to meditate because that always gets me better in a hurry.

Because - your body gets some serious rest from meditation.

One study I saw said after twenty minutes of meditation the levels of rest were TWICE as deep as those in the deepest sleep.

That kind of deep rest means your body can do some big time recovery and “de-fragging” (you know, just like your PC) right there.

Just think - if you’re sick, injured, or training hard, or just plain old been charging - perhaps up with the kids early in the morning as well …

How much will your body love that kind of rest and recovery?


(That’s Spanish for a lot).

More energy for your busy life, meaning you can give more - everywhere.

The great thing is meditation doesn’t take long to give you a big boost.

When I was an outdoor instructor I would often get ten minutes to myself when the next group was late or whatever.

I could have (re)checked the gear, but instead I would find a tree or rock to lean against, and get some quick “me” time.

Recharging, as it were.

It meant I had so much more energy, I was clearer too (not groggy, not relying on coffee and snacks to keep me going).

I was funnier too (well at least I thought so. I was having a good time - and that’s half the battle isn’t it?)

So close your eyes, meditate.

If you don't know how - hold on til tomoro - I have something that will help you no end.

Rest is just one of the many benefits that my guinea pigs are experiencing right now having had their first session of the Mountain Mindset trial.

The other is sleep. Deeper sleep at night than ever before, and well, also when you a super common experience when you begin to meditate.

Sometimes the body just needs to catch up.

If you are getting that when you close your eyes - it is not a problem, just go with it.

It’ll change.

Next course - interested? Just so you know - I’m looking at dates for the next course.

I’m thinking it might probably be a weekend course.

It’ll be the core of the Mountain Mindset trial but squeezed into one weekend.

So if you’re short of time, or busy evenings, this one is for you.

The Mountain Mindset programme for me is perfect because I get to spend 4 whole weeks overlooking your progress.

You get to have someone on your case (me!) - and that is actually super helpful. “External accountability” is what that is called.

And it works, it gets you results without you having to think about it.

But a weekend will work just fine too. Especially if you have the commitment, the inner motivation, it’s simple.

It’ll be cheaper too because of it’s short, sharp, “just the essentials” nature.

If you are interested in something like this,

What would be grand is if you can drop me a line (arjuna (at)

and in the subject just put “weekend”.

This is just to survey interest - no obligation whatsoever.

Til then,

take it easy out there! Arjuna


Just send me an email (arjuna (at) and write “weekend” if you’re interested in a weekend format - at SOME stage.

No obligation, just to see if a weekend would theoretically suit you better than a 4 week evening course.

And - thanks!!