Funky Monk Athletes

monkOh, the bribery, The corruption,

The politics,

The drugs,

and the politics (did I already say that?)

and the drugs (I DID already say that)

That’s right …

It’s Olympics time again!

But isn’t it a spectacle?

I love it. I love the drama, the winning, the losing.

I love watching the faces of athletes upon realising a lifetime of effort and sacrifice.

Or not.

What I love most is watching the head games.

Such an important event, and everyone’s prepared as much physically as they can be.

The difference is all down to what goes on in the mind.

My favourite athlete there is Michael Phelps - the US swimmer.

He’s been dominant for so long - but now, his last games, and he’s come out of drug rehab

- not for performance enhancing but RECREATIONAL drugs -

Who knows what’s been going on in his head…

The ups AND the downs - he’s been a monk athlete for so long (over 16 years).

And that’s what they are.

Monks and nuns - totally devoted to one thing.

He said:


"If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.”


Too true.

But that’s got to wear on you after a while.

I’m not prepared to do half of what he does. Are you?

But by far and wide the exemplar of that quote goes to another swimmer, Yusra Mardini.


She’s part of the Refugee team.

Escaping war torn Syria in a boat - made for 6 but containing 20 - when the motor broke and water started to come on board.

She and her sister jumped into the water and towed/pushed the boat for THREE AND A HALF hours to get to Greece.

Have you ever tried towing anything whilst swimming?

Let alone for three and a friggin half hours in open water.


Sometimes if you want to live, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.


Life will not stop for you because of your pain," says Mardini. "You have to move on.”

You are stronger than you think”.


This 18 year old girl - is she talking about physical strength?


Just mental strength, “mental toughness”.

Which isn’t really tough.

It’s just the ability to direct your attention to one thing, and ignore all the doubts.

It’s more like gentle, but complete, focus -

- Sometimes on winning a gold medal, sometimes it’ll be on getting out of bed in the morning.

Focus is super rare. Humans are so scattered, they simply can’t focus when they need to.

People are much too swayed by the the negativity in their heads.

That’s where I can help. Focus is one of the benefits of practicing what I teach.

And I’m looking at doing a weekend course sometime very soon.

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- Arjuna


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