Who Needs A Parachute Anyway?

parachuteYou don't need a parachute. It's just been proven.

And I’m excited.

Which means I’m probably feeling better.

Had some man flu over the last few days.

I wasn’t feeling super excited. But I did take some time to rest and heal up.

I’m not a fan of being sick because I can’t do stuff.

However I know if I push on though, the sickness just sticks around longer.

And sometimes even comes back stronger.


So I rested. Meditated on my couch - super good for rest, recovery and healing on a physical level.

Will tell you more about that later on.

That aspect of meditation and the mind is super exciting to me.

(I really am excited - I must be feeling better.)

I also took some time out over the weekend to read and to watch some inspiring videos.

Nothing like inspiration to give your body a lift.

With the Olympics coming there is no shortage of excitement and inspiration around.

I love the Olympics and the whole mind over matter nature of elite sport.

Will tell you more about that too.

(Got so much to tell you! I’m like a kid with a bag of sweets in his belly).

Saw that a guy has jumped from 25,000 feet WITHOUT a parachute.

Travelling at 150 miles/hour, he landed in a net sized 100 feet by 100 feet.

That’s some gonads right there.

Not only did he jump without a back door, no safety whatsoever ...

But he had to make sure he landed in the right spot.

That gave me a lift, for sure.

Considering I’m slightly (ok, very) terrified of jumping off heights.

Jumping off stuff requires a lot of mental vigilance on my part.

Can’t let the fear in for a second because otherwise it runs rampant.

But THE most inspiring thing I watched was this:

A guy, a paraplegic, (so paralysed from the waist down),

Who is a whitewater kayaker.

That’s taking jumping without a parachute to a whole different level.

Now - Being on the river is hard enough without hip and leg control.

But just getting to the river?

Where his wheels can’t take him?

His buddies carry him on their backs. Awesome.

It is so inspiring to me, on so many different levels.

So I just had to shake off my man flu and get going on some things.

That’s all from me, go well!

I’ll let you know how the guinea pigs on the trial are going later on.

AND when the next course is.

Take it easy out there,

If you need anything, have any questions?

Please just ask. I’d love to help.

Especially now I’m feeling better


PS. The link to that paraplegic kayakers video I was talking about is right here:



What are you watching that’s inspiring you?