I make the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true? Well hopefully you can learn something from this so you don’t repeat it.

If you read yesterday’s blog it was all about knowing the time when you can push through and knowing when you need to pull back and let go.

I’ve been so excited of late as to the whole new year resoluteness, I had some fine things I wanted to achieve over the next few months, and a plan to get them.

I am really quite excited about it all, but then found myself having zero motivation to do it.

No matter what I did, there was just no juice for it.

The harder I pushed, the more frustrated and tense I got.

I was so focussed on achieving that I forgot things take time. Sometimes I’m in charge of that time, sometimes not.

I was so focussed on the future I completely forgot to be content now.

I forgot to enjoy the ride.

The goal is great, but the journey - that’s so important.

Enjoy the journey.

Forgetting that meant life got quite hard for a day or two. It was quite a contrast.

But one thing I love about Ascension meditation is the community. If you need help, you only have to ask and you have it heaped upon you from teachers and other practitioners. I really love that.

So I asked fellow teachers for some help, and low and behold they brought the clarity.


Nice to reset and remember what I’m doing all this stuff, what the most important thing to me is.

That isn’t stress and struggle. It’s complete and absolute enjoyment of each and every moment.

And you know what? As soon as I stopped pushing I got inspired.

Put that one down to learning.

I really do feel like there is something out there, something greater, just constantly laughing at me “crash test dummy” my way through life.

Here’s a toast to “more” - more awareness is always better.

Have a great day, okay?