Meditation - “How To” Quick Start Guide For You

guideYou may have no idea how to meditate. I know what that’s like. I wanted to, and people said it’s so simple, and yet - how do you even begin?

Good news is that meditation IS super simple.

What I’ve done is written a Quick Start guide to help you on that.

Just 4 pages of no nonsense “what you need to know” to get going Only 4 pages - who has time to read sooooo much guff these days when you just want to give it a try?

The link and more on that in a moment.

Now there are a ton of apps out there.

I’ve never used one so I can’t comment.

But I like the idea of not needing something external to yourself.

The great thing about meditation is if you get the right tool,

And practice it…

(That there is the most important factor …

Spending time actually DOING it)

You don’t need anything, you can do it anywhere, anytime.

The practice will give you rest, a sense of calm in the chaos, it stops you reacting, it detaches you from negativity, and helps you become present and focused and alive.

Now - What happens if you’re on the top of a rapid, or before a race, or about to walk into a presentation, or your have a second more of this and you’ll explode (and it’s not a good time to lose it)?

If you need to attach to your phone to dial up the app every time you want to do that,

You’re a bit stuck, aintcha?

Using something like the breath is an excellent way to begin.

Because you always have the breath, no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing.

When you practice using something on you, you’ll always have that to come back to.

The core of the Mountain Mindset programme (Ishayas’ Ascension meditation) is the same - you just need to be able to think.

If you can think, you can do Ascension meditation.

And some thoughts are awesome in their power.

I only teach this face to face though - to make sure you get the subtleties and the simple nature of it. It’s well worth learning at some stage.

But back to the Quick Start guide.

I have just written it. It is brand new so you’re some of the first people to see it.

I’ve called it “for athletes” because I like working with athletes, and athletes need this stuff.

If you are doing anything physical, in the outdoors or otherwise, you need to learn to master your mind.

But if you’re not an athlete at all, no worries. It’ll still work for you.

Read it (it’s super short) then PUT IT INTO USE.

No use just sitting on your hard drive.

I’ve got a challenge in there -

to meditate every day for 28 days.

Because if you do?

You’ll be unstoppable.

If you don’t?

Your mind will be stopping you.

Same as always.

Want a change from “same as”?

(this is just for you guys because you take the time to read this. And if you’re reading this it probably means you are more than a little interested in being more awesome. And awesomeness is something I want see more of in the world - so, thank you)

Get your copy by opting in here: Any questions on anything in there, just email me (arjuna (at) I’d love to help.

- Arjuna

PS. If your friends want a copy?

Tell them it costs an amazing amount of money and you couldn’t possibly share it because it’s your secret weapon. Or something like that.

Then let them stew (a little bit).

But if they’re serious, tell them to sign up here and they’ll get a copy.

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