Trigger Happy?

A while back my meditation teacher told me that experiencing peace or pain in my life was my choice. My choice!?

It kind of annoyed me, actually.

I considered that somethings I had control over, and yet other things I did not.

I believed that suffering was going to happen.

It’s part of life, right?

As they say - shit does happen.

So someone telling me it was my choice whether I experienced suffering or not got my back up a little.

It - in a word - triggered something in me.

Who on earth WANTS to suffer and feel pain?

Now I have (gradually) become a fan of the trigger -

That is when someone annoys you enough to fire up a response within you -

Because it can actually show you where you can grow and become independent of the trigger.

Where you can master your own reactions.

And NOT be like a monkey on a chain.

Pulled every which way by every comment and happening,

Getting insulted,

Reacting, throwing tantrums and holding grudges.

Being overwhelmed by stress and events.

Which is the way so many live, unconsciously.

And that’s where my meditation teacher is right.

Being triggered may not be a conscious choice - but it is a choice, nonetheless.

It’s a choice to turn a painful event into ongoing suffering

By thinking far too much about it.

(do you see the difference?)

Seeing that process ^^^ within myself

Becoming aware of previously unconscious triggers …

Means I can do something about them -

And learn to NOT react.

Now - It’s within you to change those reactions and get free of the trigger, the hook.

With a bit of dedication it can be a constant.


I have a plan for you to recognise these triggers and actually get something from them -

It's simple, powerful, rewarding, easy to do even on your worst day.

If you want to get free of suffering and claim your choice, head this way to get started:

Go well! Arjuna


Happy is the day when you welcome a trigger, do you not think?

Because you see where you can be MORE free …

Wouldn’t that be an interesting (and fun) place to live from?

As in "bring it ALL on!" ... ?