More Passion Than A Dodgy Tattoo

tattoo-hand-i-love-you-proposeI was in town yesterday and saw a young lady with the Red Bull logo tattooed on the base of her neck. Huge, it was.

I know it gives you wings, and is all about pushing the boundaries and being extreme and all that but isn’t doing that like getting Coca Cola tattooed on you?

And why would you do that? What has Coca Cola ever done for you?

Maybe I’m getting old and sensible.

When I was a boy there was a guy who hung around the town bus stop who had the Ford logo tattooed on his forehead.

It went from all the way from temple to temple, eye brows to hair line - you couldn’t miss it.

It was quite something.

I always wondered, as I tried to avoid him noticing that I was staring, the story of that tattoo.

The why and the where… was he drunk, or did he really love Ford? Maybe Ford saved his life?

Maybe I should have just asked.

I have nothing against tattoos, I have a couple myself.

My first one, at 18, was inspired (directly copied) from the bass player in my favourite band at the time.

(The Hard Ons, if you must know their name. I took great pleasure of wearing their t-shirt down town, as you do when you’re 18 and happy to cause some kind of shock).

I am still relived he had a lizard and not some monstrosity that I, in a blaze of youthful enthusiasm and passion, would have etched in my skin, such as a Ford logo.

But passion is a valuable thing, if carefully directed and maintained, well... it can change the world.

What floats my boat these days is those people who want more in their lives, and who are actually prepared to do something about it.

Plentiful are those who want more, but aren’t doing nuttin’ to get it.

You’re here because, even if you don’t know where to begin or perhaps you just feel like there’s something deeper than what you are already doing, you want more and are happy to do what it takes to get it.

You have a passion for Life, with a capital L, and maybe you’ve gotten a little lost over the years, or you just aren’t sure what to do next.

Maybe you just want a sure fire way of detaching from that grey whiny voice in your head - the voice of anti-passion.

I can help.

I have a very good system, with simple, easy to use tools for getting mentally fit and flexible and resilient.

All you need do is use them.

The only people who these tools don’t work for are the people who don’t use them.

You see, some people come along and learn and then …

They just stop, for some bizarre reason, even though their lives are smoother, easier, lighter.

They’re laughing more, stressing less, are way nicer to be around, are clearer and bolder and are getting more rest than a happy cat.

They’re doing exactly what they want, ticking off goals like a shopping list, and are more in love with their life than ever before …

Their wives and partners are saying “I got the man I fell in love with back!”.

And then they stop.

Why? Who knows? Maybe life was good enough.

Good enough?

Oh well.

You’re not after mediocrity - and neither am I.

Good enough is not good enough for me, or you.

Why I’m telling you all this is this?

No matter who you are, if you’re willing to do the work and trust the process, this will work for you.

If you don’t settle for less, if you have continuing passion for more, they will continue to work for you - for as long as you use them.

With a passion for more, there is no ceiling here: The programme that I talk about there in - in exchange for your complete commitment and some small tasks that I want you to do for me - is completely FREE to 10 volunteers.

Get in, because I can only take 10 guys, maximum.


Have fun today, ok? Arjuna

PS. If you have the passion for more, I can help direct it.

Not sure where to go or what to do, you just know that you can have a greater mental game, more fun, more focus, more love for every aspect of life?

I can help, honestly I can, I’m not just saying that.

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