Going From Being A Turkey To Being An Eagle

eddie eagleWatched a cool film the other night - one I didn’t expect to like, even though it has my man Hugh Jackson in it:

“Eddie the Eagle”

You know - about the ski jumper back in the 1988 Olympics …

Go watch it, it’s cool and very inspiring, actually.

What did I get from it?

You can say what you like about his mannerisms, but that guy (Eddie) had some serious gonads.

The 90m ski jump is huge - it makes jumpers who have been jumping since they were 6 nervous.

I’m not so keen on heights anyways, but Eddie didn’t let anything stop him competing in the Olympics.

Not a governing body, not a lack of experience or skill, nothing.

He just kept going till he got there.

How many times have I told myself that I’m not ready to do something? That I’ll collect more skills and experience and then go?

You ever done that? Waited until conditions were right? And waited, and waited …

The best scene was towards the end (it’s not a spoiler).

Eddie is riding up the elevator with the world champion up to their jump.

The champ turns to Eddie and says they are similar.

The others are competing to survive, to not fail. They are competing for an external result.

Eddie and him, on the other hand, are competing against their lesser selves.

Failure to the both of them is backing away from a challenge that they have set.

The result is irrelevant, the personal challenge is everything.

And in comes Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics all those years ago -

“It’s not the triumph but the struggle that counts”.

I love this stuff.

The result isn’t so important, but the steps you take to get there.

Keep taking the right steps, and the result comes.

It’s never so much about what you do, but how you do it that is important.

You can control the what to a certain degree, but sometimes it’s totally out of your hands.

However - you can always control the how.

And that’s the significance of life to me:

How you do this, or - your inner standing with yourself.

Because you can hide from everyone, but you can never hide from what you know to be true for you.


Keep the peace!



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