Gandhi Was A Time Bender

gandhiYou ever know anyone who is everywhere, doing everything? Seems like they know how to bend time in that they get so much done -

And yet they have the same 24 hour day as everyone else.

I know a guy who is awesome in this sense.

He has his own (great) business, an awesome family life, takes regular holidays, and manages to keep super fit as he’s a boxer (no small thing).

He ticks off goals at a rapid rate, and yet also has balance - he doesn't ignore his family, his health or his passions.

My complaint was that there was never enough time to do all the things I wanted to do.

And then I met my friend and he showed me that was just an excuse.

At the same time I read a biography on Gandhi.

Gandhi was no slouch, he did so much stuff - on an international level.

And do you know what?

As well as making sure his priority in each and every day was peace and calm,

He had a whole day of complete silence.

So no one could bug him.

(I think they still tried)

My friend above? - Very similar.

As well as practicing the mediation I taught him every day, and having the weekend,

He also has a whole week day to himself, to do whatever he wants with it -

As long as it’s completely non-business related.

You can’t just keep charging and expect to do things at a high level.

In fact - like Gandhi and my buddy - if you want to do a lot, AND maintain great health and a great relationship, you need to take time out.

Gandhi said that taking time for himself, taking time out, meant he had MORE time in his day.

No longer was he running around like a blue arse fly,

(not sure if Gandhi ran around like that, but you know what I mean)

Instead he found clarity and focus and calm and could execute simply and straightforwardly.

Meaning the same job took less time.

I don’t care if you’re interested in business or simply making it in good shape to the weekend for your next mission -

Don’t get busy and get busier.

You’ll just run around in little circles being less and less effective.

If you want more time in your day, take regular stoppages …

To do absolutely nothing.

Now - I recommend meditation because it rests your body to a huge degree,

Resets and rewires your head through getting rid of limiting thought patterns,

Means you can be more present and alive, anywhere you find yourself,

So that you have way more fun and less stress than anyone else around you

Want to learn?

If you go here, I'll give you a super simple yet powerful meditation practice, and we can continue the conversation:


If you need anything, if you want to chat through your goals and how I might help, just ask.

Take it easy!



A whole week day off - isn’t that somewhat ballsy?

You may not be self-employed and in a position where you can do that

But you could take ten minutes, twice a day to let go of the rubbish and tune into what is important.

It’s well worth it.

And if you want help knowing how to “let go”?