Hit the reset button

You know - every single one of you can, at any time, at any stage, reset.

By reset, I mean simply start again - be fresh, try again, go again.

No matter what has happened, and I mean no matter what, you can begin again.

It is the simplest of things, all you have to do is be prepared to reset. All you have to do is be prepared to let go of the past and restart.

It was a revelation for me to be told that I could.

It was like I was given the permission to do my best and then no matter what just happened, clean the slate and go again.

It takes the sting out of failure - it removes that idea completely.

It becomes more about “ok, what next?”

That’s the promise of a new year too, isn’t it?

The ability to be “born again”, to go from here, to be new and have another try.

What next? No matter what happened, what is your journey?

But reset more often - make it not just a once a year deal.

Apply the reset consistently.

Start again in each and every moment - no matter what just happened, whether you think it was great or terrible, what does right now have to offer you?


- Arjuna

ps. the greatest reset tool?

You know it:

the Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension meditation. It gives you the tools to let go. To actually get out of the loops of thinking about the same past moment.

It means you can be aware and to make another choice. It was life changing for me, and for everyone I know that just does it.

The ones that think about doing it? Not much happens. Just the same.

The ones that actually get down to business and do it? Ever increasing freedom of choice. The ability to reset and take control away from the “evil” brain within us all.

I have courses coming up you really want to be on:

  • Stroud, Gloucestershire 29-31 Jan
  • Scarborough 12-14 Feb

and a mini-retreat one here in Richmond, North Yorkshire coming up in March (meaning you can come and stay with the family in home comfort, totally awesome)

Let you know dates asap.