Powerful motivation can come from regret

One of the most powerful realisations for me in my life was that the things I considered important, such as peace, love, not compromising, being honest, being true…

I wasn’t prioritising them.

It was like someone gave me a big slap simply because I referred to these things a lot, and yet I wasn’t putting my money where my mouth was. I wasn’t walking my talk.

I know when clarity comes, sometimes it comes with a bit of discomfort. Like a tweak of regret, or even anger towards the source, something like that.

Do you know that feeling?

But it can be good - you can use it as motivation not to compromise, to actually prioritise, to keep going.

A guy called Pat Flynn wrote about this recently. I don’t usually quote people, but it was perfect for what I was writing about this morning so I stole it:

“True motivation comes from knowing you can do better than you are, now. It's actually a little painful, like this slight twinge in the back of your neck or spleen, and it moves around. But it's there. And I think it might also called regret. You don't want that.

Motivation is all but a hedge against regret I think. It is knowing how immense you are, and believing in it, and doing something--almost, literally, anything--to prove it.”

For me motivation came just like that - in the form of wanting to avoid regret. The last thing I wanted to do was feel any regret, ever, and that really got me going.

Now I know regret it also a habit, it is a pattern of thinking that many of us have.

It isn’t useful to entertain, but it can be useful as a kick up the bum to put those important things first.

Avoid suffering, and prioritise the important things.

Simply because it’s important.

And since I am a Bright Path Ishaya meditation teacher - here is my blatant pitch:

Learn and practice Ascension.

It is the one thing that makes it easier to avoid all suffering.

It is the one thing that makes it simple to prioritise the important things.

If you keep doing the same things you’re going to get the same results. Just so you know.

Whatever you do though, enjoy yourself, ok?

Keep the peace!


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