Don't Be A Dick

dickI think it should be pretty easy to avoid being a dick, Shouldn't it?

Yet somehow it just happens.

Despite my best intentions, there is it.

But I'm getting better over time, me thinks.

The interesting thing is that the less dickish (IMHO - but perhaps ask my wife) I’ve somehow managed to be, the less dicks I find around me.

Isn’t that interesting?

(Like attracts like, perhaps … ?)

So how do you avoid being a dick, ALL the time?

How do you be a good human MORE?

If you look back, you remember all your great teachers, coaches, mentors very well.

And in fact you also remember the ones who made your life a misery.

I still remember the heavy vehicle driving instructor that made one afternoon of my life hell.

It’s hard enough driving a hefty truck around town without someone losing it next to you.

Yelling at someone is never a good way of getting them to do something, is it?

But I learnt from that … and hopefully it made me a better teacher, and a better human.

The fact is all your heroes, if that term can be used as the opposite of dicks, were not born like that.

Sure some were born with a certain personality, certain traits …


They all made mistakes, they all learnt, they became MORE than what they were …

And all because they WANTED to.

They were interested in putting the time in to “grow” or to “evolve”.

They kept going, all in order to live a better version of themselves.

Because they saw that reaction and impatience, stress and struggle, anxiety and panic will kill you quicker than any cancer,

And squash your creativity and your skills and your life and your dreams sooner than you can say “Holy Guacamole!”

(A good guacamole is a holy thing, indeed).

And selfishness and arrogance is a path to a small life indeed.

Giving to others actually only makes you bigger.

To avoid being a dick -

You have to want more, and then take steps to get that more.

Even just mastering your impatience …

Or your anger …

Or your depression …

Or your overwhelm …

Or your anxiety …


Because not only can you have more FUN and get BIGGER, BADDER goals, easier …

You also become a different human.

And people notice that, and in their heart of hearts you inspire them to do that as well.

When you simply master your small whiney self, you effect everything around you.

So to all those on a path of mastery -

I salute you!

Keep evolving.

Keep having maximum fun.



No one knows they’re a hero.

And that’s what makes them heroic.

If you’re interested in more, perhaps this programme will interest you.

Tools, techniques, support, everything you need to evolve past your small self.

In other words, a “Path of Heroes”

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