My (Not So) Secret Love Affair With The Rock

rockDon’t tell anyone. Well, you can tell my wife, she knows.

She’s okay with my secret affair of the heart.

I have a man crush on Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

You see …

Not only does he have a grand smile,

He’s cool to fans, stopping when he’s out driving, signing autographs, photos, the whole thing.

I think he probably knows his films are a bit dodgy, but he does his best to give people a good time, to entertain.

The biggest thing is that he looks like he’s just having the time of his life.

Loving every moment of it.

He works hard - witness those “FOCUS!” video of him in the gym.

(Go on, youtube it - again)

I still laugh at that.

But he’s never gets too busy to remember to enjoy the ride, even as he’s rushing towards a goal.

Man, and when Hugh Jackman and him started trading notes:

“What would Wolverine do?”

I nearly swooned.

But I didn’t cos The Rock wouldn’t.

It’s good to have heroes huh?

The fact is it doesn’t really matter what they are like in real life.

In truth, “never meet your heroes” is probably good advice.

Who they are matters not a jot, but what they inspire within you does.

That’s what he reminds and enlivens within me -

To focus, to be dedicated to something.

And yet still squeeze all the good times you can out of every single moment.

To be passionate and wanting more,

But also calm and content and solid.

I tell you, not many people have that balance.

It’s not easy when you don’t know how.

Here’s how I find it (and it works for everyone who simply practices it):

Opt in here to get all the info, inspiration and entertainment:

Have fun out there Arjuna


Even though they say “never meet your heroes”,

I’d throw that out the window to meet the Rock.

That photo would go on the mantlepiece and all over Facebook fo sho.

Who would you like to sit down to share a glass of whisky or two with?