How To Fail

failThe thing that I used to hate the most about the outdoors was failing at something. In kayaking that means - in the beginning at least - taking a swim out of your boat.

Which is annoying more than anything at beginners level.

But the thing is:

Someone has to rescue you, you’re not as independent as you thought you were - 

And you think perhaps people won’t invite you on the next trip because you’re not reliable to self-rescue.

You can see how the thought process goes?

But looking back failing and all the thoughts around it was great because it made me want to become as self-reliant as possible asap.

Going though “failure” made me get better.

It also means I now understand the frustration some learners go through.

Hopefully you can relate this to any sport you do, or perhaps anything you do in life:

Failing is good - it means you’re pushing your limits.

If you push your limits, you’ll get better.

(if you’re smart and learn, not just do the same things and expect different results).

In kayaking at the moment there is a trend towards too much safety.

I think.

Everyone are paddling these huge kayaks which are very safe.

You don’t flip over very much.

Which is wonderful - so many beginners can build confidence and skills -

But these boats are a bit stodgy. Not that dynamic.

There’s more fun and skills and learning to be had, IF only these guys would extend their reach a bit.

To not be so hesitant to try something new.

My approach is that you can’t fear fear.

The outdoors is all about challenge -

(and I totally get people have different comfort and challenge levels)

Coming face to face with your own limits gives you so much.

So much confidence in yourself, so much fulfilment, so much perspective -

When you’ve just gone beyond your limits, every problem is put into place.

Life just becomes more wonderful, doesn’t it?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself in a position where you might fail.

Honestly, it’s the best thing you can do.

But learn from it.

Ask the experts too - they’re often so happy to talk about what they love.

Have more fun out there Arjuna


Failure is the whole reason I got into meditation and mindset.

I saw failure could be an ally IF my head was in the right place.

Fear didn’t overwhelm IF my head was screwed on proper.

I don’t just teach “meditation” as you think you know it.

It’s a whole way of living and breathing and seeing and being in life.

A method if you will, so simple, so easy to integrate into YOUR life.

It has to be simple, otherwise you won’t do it.

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