How NOT To Miss Out

not to miss outI used to have a case of “nah, it sounds like too much effort”. People would invite me out for a trip and if it required much effort on my behalf (read: just about any effort) -

I would decline,

My excuses being:

“Too tired.”

“Next time.”

“Not ready yet.”

“Would love to - but got to visit my grandma.”

“Would love to - but I have work on Monday, early”

Do you know those voices?

It took a while to realise what I was doing.

If I wanted adventure and the resulting injection of Life

- and I most CERTAINLY did -

I would have to put some effort into getting it.

Even if I was tired, even if work WAS early Monday -

If I didn’t get off the couch and do SOMETHING, I would miss out time and time again.

Often it was somewhere new and unknown territory that was stepping into -

I wasn’t sure, there was an element of surprise, so I didn’t do it.

One of the experts I go to regularly for advice and inspiration wrote this recently: ______________

“The only true failure in life is inaction. Don't be the person who lets every opportunity pass them by.”

- Pat Flynn ______________

When I realised this inaction and loss of opportunity, I almost kicked myself.

But like all failure, the important thing was I learnt from it.

I know that little mental thought programme is there, and so when that whiney little voice comes up I expect it.

If you want anything new sometimes you have to step into the unknown.

My fear of the unknown, now is not an unknown.

Which is excellent.

In awareness you have choice.

The biggest thing stopping you from having more of what you want is you.

Not your situation, not your job, not your relationship or your kids - nothing holds you back like your own self.

If you’d like to surpass this little whiney limited self, to not let it get the upper hand, I can help.

Go here and opt in (it’ll give you more info about the nature of what I’m planning), and then we can chat about it, no obligation:

Keep the peace!



Life is short is it not?

Squeeze everything you can from every moment.

Make it count, make it fun.