You're a cyborg and don’t even know it

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset You are a cyborg.

I know you’d like to think you’re like the Terminator.

At least, I wanted to be like Arnie’s version, back when I was a sprog.

I don’t mean that -

I mean you have certain programmes that run in the background of your life, just like a cyborg or a computer does.

If you own a PC, you’d be advised to run the “defrag” programme regularly.

Defragging puts everything back into place. It makes sense and order from mess and chaos.

Afterwards everything runs so much smoother and faster.

Rest and recovery is like that too.

It’s not optional.

You NEED to rest and recover - it’s the antidote to inner stress, mess and overwhelm.

It is a prerequisite for having enough energy and focus for bigger, badder adventures -

More patience and connection for sweeter relationships (with more lovin’)

More efficiency and creativity for faster promotions with more respect (Or getting the job you want)

And more Life and Fun in each and every moment.

If you want more of all of the above,

(and let’s face it, WHO doesn’t?)

You need to be aware of some of the other programmes running in the background of your head.

You have certain beliefs, “loops” of habit, certain ways of thinking and doing.

Picture an old LP - it has grooves which, when the needle goes in, plays a certain tune.

You have the same grooves (habits of thinking and doing)

Some of these serve you - like a habit of getting enough rest and recovery.

Some of these do not in any way shape or form.

They are the part of you that stops you.

Now what tends to happen is that in times of pressure or stress (or lack of adequate rest) -

The programmes or grooves that don't serve you take over.

If you ever wonder why you just react in a certain way time and time again - this is why.

If you’ve ever tried to beat such a habit and failed - this is also why.

They are deep and quite “slippery”.

The needle of your mind goes down that groove easily - and you get the same tune time and time again.

If you want a different tune, a song of your choosing - you need to replace those programmes, you need to create a different groove.

The meditation and mindset that I teach removes these programmes that you don’t want.

It literally is a “reprogramming”.

Wiping the slate clean so you can choose how you’d like to respond.

It’s fast, powerful and very simple. AND it gives you deep rest and fast recovery.

A “Two For One” you might exclaim! And you’d be right.

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Take it easy out there!



I heard the Queen is really a cyborg.

But I also heard she’s a lizard from outer space.

I don’t know what to think.

Do you? -