How To Be Fearless

A photo by Tyssul Patel. wrote that title first - and I’m instantly not sure about it. I don’t really trust anyone who says they have “no fear”.

I think they’re not being honest, least of all with themselves.

Or maybe they’ve never placed themselves in a position where fear might come.

Regardless -

Although fear or at least hesitation may (perhaps??) be there forever …

… you don’t have to entertain it much at all, let alone allow it to control you.

I think,

(once again - I’m open to be wrong on all of this)

That a little fear is actually a good thing - and if you’re feeling it, it means whatever you’re about to do is important to you.

Needing courage then is a great sign.

Because you’re doing important stuff, you’re stretching your comfort zone.

You’re not staying the same, stagnating in a pond of your own making.

That is the very reason why I love the outdoors - in fact any physical activity.

Because you can always find something bigger to do.

And in that challenge it can be a little intimidating.

Here’s what you can do about it:

Stay absolutely present, completely here, in this moment in time.

You see -

Fear only exists as a response to thoughts about the future.

You stay present - there is no fear.

You’re afraid?

Get really present - and the fear rapidly vanishes.

If you could stay present forever would fear end?

That would be well worth finding out, huh?

It is never the actual thing that causes the pain, it’s the thinking about it that kicks you.

You gotta see that.

It’s the thinking about the future scenarios, the “what if I fail?” that brings fear.

and while it’s important to realise the consequences of your actions -

It’s the continual regurgitating of those scenarios in your head that creates overwhelm and paralysing fear.

And so you don’t make that move or you don’t climb that hill or you don’t attempt to lift that weight or start that business or publish that book.

Even though you really really want to.

So it’s in your head - and down to what thoughts you pay attention to.

Choose wisely!

If you’d like help with that, I can help.

In fact I’m running a whole weekend devoted to this “mental game”.

I’ll give you all the tools and understandings to get to a place super clearly where you see how you create the overwhelm and fear and anxiety that comes from listening to your thoughts.

And how to get out of this overwhelm and back into calm and clarity.

Go here to get more information, and how to get going:

Take it easy out there

- Arjuna


I actually do know a few people who are so present and in the zone they are fearless.

At least they say they are - and I trust them on that.

And at least one is a motorcycle rider so I imagine he knows a little about the fear/challenge/courage balance.

The key for me is the potential, the possibility that and end to fear's grip may be so.

I can say from my investigations into thinking and fear even a little progress gives a sensational amount of freedom.

Why not give it a go?

You’ll have your own head for most of your life - you might as well investigate it closely.

Here's how: