Like A Crack Addict At The Pipe

crack-addictI’ve been bitten hard. It’s been years - over 13 in fact.

And I just thought I’d dip my toe in the water, and something huge and undeniable grabbed it and pulled me in, wholesale.

I’m talking about being back in the outdoors,

Specifically kayaking on rivers - I’ve become so hooked over the last few weeks that there’s no turning back.

Maybe it’s a pre-midlife crisis,

Maybe it’s a true passion for the good things in life showing itself once again.

Whatever it is, I’m loving it.

Being in nature, the flow of the river, the flow of me and my boat when it’s all working well, the challenge, the smiles … oh the smiles.

I used to kayak a lot -

It was a huge passion for me. It was all I thought about.

And then I stopped - the story is to big to tell, but basically I tried to do what I thought I was “supposed” to do.

So there’s a lesson for me, and for you - if you want one:

You have to do what you love to do.

Find a way to fill up on what you love doing, because life can be “fine” without it, yet it can be extraordinary with it.

I know you’re busy and you have commitments …

BUT you can, and you should, find a way.

They’re really just excuses, it’s just resistance. It’s just that grey voice of “should” putting the brakes on something.

I don’t care if it’s collecting stamps, find a way of giving yourself at least a little bit of time to get in there and do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

And you jumping into your passions isn’t selfish - if you have the right approach.

When you’re at 100% you can give so much more to everyone around you.

Life is too short not to.

In order to be at 100% you need to come to terms with that little grey voice in your head.

We all have it -

And you don’t need to get rid of it.

Just be aware of how it affects you and shift your attention to something else.

The less juice you give it, the less momentum it can hold, so it just slows and shrivels.


It’s one of the things I’m teaching on this weekend meditation course.

It meditation, but not as you think you know it.

Think of it as giving you the tools and understandings so you can be without mental limits, and live a full, juicy life of 200%.

If you're interested, head here for more information and a Quick Start Guide to Meditation for Athletes to get your going:

Have a great day!



If you need anything, just get in touch, as always I’d love to chat.