How To Improve, Fast

A photo by Lee Roylland. one likes to remain the same. But no matter the subject - sometimes it’s difficult to know which direction to move in to improve.

The problem then is information.

It’s “how do I do it”?

When you don’t know, you don’t do.

And so nothing is done, there is no change.

The other thing that happens is we can perpetually get ready to get better.

Humans will gather a lot of information and sometimes spend years in the research phase, but not actually putting it into action.

Gathering and gathering and not actually doing.

Not out there making mistakes and learning through experience.

I know this one quite well. I used to do a ton of it. If gathering could weigh something, my past "getting ready" would be hefty.

The problem here is not of information, because there is more than enough, but actually not seeing how the information suits you through experience - how it works for you.

Because - as I’ve also discovered very recently - we’re afraid of looking foolish in failure.

We don't try because we don't want to look silly.

Which is fair enough - but ultimately useless as a growth strategy.

The other problem is one of motivation and momentum.

You can have a great idea to get better at something - you may even begin - but after the initial fizz and buzz of activity,

You realise how change actually requires a little work, and (unless you are extraordinarily motivated) left to your own habits, you revert back to not doing.

Having someone else hold you accountable to your goals is a great thing.

Because sometimes it’s easier to let yourself down than it is to let someone else down.


All of these things you can find for yourself.

There is no end of information now out there on the internet (some of it good, some not so).

You can make sure you take action and don’t just research and prepare.

And you can find a buddy to hold you accountable for doing what you said you wanted to do.

(I know someone whose default on not meeting his goal means he has to vote for Donald Trump. And all his friends know. He’s quite motivated, as you’d imagine.)

You can do all the above - or you can get a coach.

A coach gives you the right information, the right goals, the right accountability, the right support:

Everything, simple and quick.

I really want to get better at kayaking so because of this I’m doing some courses.

I have a meditation teacher, and a business coach too, because I really want to improve.

How about you?

You don't NEED a coach, but going to one can help extraordinarily.

And I'd like to offer my services.

If you’re interested in getting better in this mindset and meditation business fast -

if you want to know how to be calmer, more focussed and happier so that you have the mental skills to do what you want to do and be the person you want to be and live the life you’d like to live, I can help.

The first thing I’d recommend is starting here:

Great stuff.

Have fun out there.


- PS.

I'm nearly done on my holidays.

And I have a seminar and a few other things up my sleeve to get going on.

I'll let you know when - end of October sometime, and it'll be in Darlington, AND it'll be all about sports performance beyond the mind.

How you can think less and get better quicker with more fun.

Something like that.

Talk more soon.