Overwhelmed? Yah, that is a possibility!

overwhelmI have seen that the difference between overwhelm and an adventure is all in the way that you look at it. Isn’t it just?

One person's “awesome” is another's “OMG!!!!”

Now currently there is a situation in my life that I never thought would ever happen.

Even now, I could ponder and scratch my head and think “how DID that happen?”

Of course, I know the mechanics of how it happened,

But more the question is of a philosophical nature of “how did I come to this point in my life?”

You see, my wife informed me a while back that I am to become a father (in 5 months or so, now).

It was far too easy.

Surely there should be at least a written exam for something like this?

Some sort of warrant of father fitness?

Of suitability for raising the future?

Apparently not.

Now - younger me would have cried out in horror “but what about me?!” as a world as I once knew it looked like it would end.

Now, these days, instead of overwhelm, the choice invariably is for adventure.

A “how fascinating - bring it on!” type approach.

And it's the same here.

I mean, how hard can it be?

It’s not like I’ll lose any sleep or anything, right?

I’m sure we’ll train the little fellow to start contributing to its upkeep soon enough with simple tasks like fetching the paper and sweeping the floor.

heh heh.

Honestly the coolest thing is the staying absolutely present and not going into overwhelm.

Not going into the “what ifs”.

Because being around a pregnant lady is a minefield.

No smelly cheese, no sturdy sausage products, not too much coffee, no hot pools, no lavender even ...

(I had no idea lavender was so, well … aggressive).

So much could go wrong.

And yet, so much could go right.

When did any one stay awake at night thinking too much about what could go right?


So I’ll leave you there with those thoughts.

Your mind loves overwhelm, and what has to be done, and what could go wrong, and staying with what it knows.

But if you can embrace change, and excitement, and what could go right, well, there you have adventure, and the time of your life -

All through a shift in perspective.

Take it easy! Arjuna


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