"Wear This Hoodie and Get in The Zone"

adidasNope, not an promo for Adidas -

Though I do like the cut of their jib.

(If you’re a marketing manager for Adidas? I’d be a good fit, absolutely!)

But they have released a new hoodie - that promises to get you in the zone and “Find Focus”


And they come in white!

I’m getting one.


If only it were that simple.

Slip on a hoodie and get mental absorption and complete satisfaction.

It’s like those 10 minute fitness programmes I see.

If 10 minutes gets you fit, then I’m a monkey.

The only way is to practice.

And that takes time, and commitment.

But taking the time gives you so much more.

Hitting your lines and skills with so much fluidity your outdoor and sporting buddies will think you’re made of liquid.

Solving problems at work and home with so much less effort.

Being super happy - all the time - for no reason.

Brushing off stress and pressure like water off a duck’s back.

Having better, closer, more meaningful relationships than ever before.

Just through closing your eyes and heading in the right direction.

Who would have thought?

Meditation has only been around for … let’s see ... as long as humanity.

For the sole purpose of making living in the Zone a reality.

Not so you can visit.

Not so you can buy a hoodie and get down to business.

But so you can live permanently in a state of Flow.

To get going on this, go here:


Take it easy out there

  • Arjuna


I really do like Adidas.

It all began with Run DMC.

But you don’t need anything external to yourself to be in the Zone.

A tool, a way, a direction pointer all helps without a doubt.

And that can be as simple as thinking the right thought at the right time.

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