Knowing when you’ve gone too far (4 things to watch for)

too farI think what I’ve written below could be one of THE most useful things I have ever written. It is a longer piece, but pull up a pew, grab something to drink and let’s talk.



The basis of what I teach is the importance of prioritising your peace.

“Prioritising your peace” is one way of saying this:

Every single day make your inner levels of calm, clarity and contentment the most important thing.

Every single day.


You are no use to anyone stressed, muddled and dissatisfied. You snap, you lose it, you react, you say things you regret, your relationships and health suffer, you do things to less than your ability, there’s overwhelm, fear, no sleep, no creativity, no fun …

And that ^^^ creeps up on you.

It develops a sneaky momentum that you’re not aware of before it's too late.

So knowing when you’re about to go too far is crucial.

If you’ve been practicing what I gave you in the “Quick Start Guide to Meditation”

(get a free copy here:

You’ll already have more self-awareness than 99% of the population.

You’ll see the difference in life when you’re “on” or “off”.

Here’s four key things to play with so you can take this further, and, as the slogan says -

Keep calm and carry on maximising your physical and mental abilities, your productivity, your relationships, your health, and your levels of fun …

In other words, so you can:

- rest deeper and recover faster for more energy to get bigger, badder adventures - get promoted quicker with more respect and more pay (or get the job you really want) - solve problems with less stress and with less irritation, frustration or anxiety, - get more loving (with, I must say, better sex), - stick around longer and be healthier than my wife’s grandad did (charging till the day he died at 98), - have so much more fun - in work, in the outdoors, everywhere - your friends will wonder why you’re smiling so much …

Here are four things - internal “early warning” signs -

- “Alarms", that (when you’re aware) will show you when you are NOT prioritising your peace and starting to lose it.

The Four Key Things To Watch For:

1. Levels of calm / stress / agitation Monitor your levels of calm and stress throughout the day. Remember - calm and stress has little to do with WHAT you are doing (i.e. the situation you find yourself in) and everything to do with HOW you’re doing it.

If you practice in the morning you’ll have a nice benchmark to work from for the day. The afternoon means you can settle back down, and go from there.

2. Negative thinking / resistance Notice your internal dialogue - if it’s getting negative it’s an excellent sign you need to do something. If you can’t change / leave / say something, then you must accept and give in (just for now).

3. Being hasty You can only do one thing at a time. Recognise when you’re racing around, trying to do several things at once. Stop, slow down, take some time to breathe and come back down. “Less haste, more speed” as my gran used to say.

4. Past / Future thinking You need to learn from the past and plan for the future (or enjoy and dream). No problem.

Recognise though when you’re thinking TOO much about the past and future. It’s an excellent sign you’re thinking about something you have no control over, or starting to be dissatisfied or frustrated with your current situation (Or you’re an absolute dreamer).

Instead of getting involved in those thoughts come back to the same place as your body and focus on what’s right in front of you.

You can change all of the above. You can choose to experience something different.

Making that choice simple and automatic is part of what I can help you with - I teach simple and powerful methods for freedom of choice, freedom from stress and struggle.

Go here to get a quick start practice that goes with these four things, and we can speak more about this "stuff" in greater depth:


Tell me how it goes for you.



Thanks for reading.

I do appreciate the fact that you’re interested in this stuff.

To me it’s the only game in town. It gives you so much for so little effort.

If I can ever assist with anything, just let me know. Honestly.