The Queen Is A Giant Lizard - From Space!

queenI heard the Queen is a giant lizard from outer space. She and her ilk are controlling you, right now, keeping you docile and sedated.

Locked into a pattern of TV dinners and Strictly Come Baking.

Then there’s the Illuminati,

(I’m not sure if they are lizards too)

But they are definitely in the control game.

An aside - but I actually met a lady who saw people as animals.

She could see them as humans, but could flick a mental switch and see them as animals.

She really did see some humans as lizards. People sized things - walking like T-Rex or something.

She was kinda shy about it, and fair enough too - her dad was put away in a mental hospital for a similar reason.

But once she opened up it was great fun.

I had some sort of shield on so she couldn’t tell me what I animal was.

Boo hoo.

I CAN tell you that I have a set of angel’s wings. Someone else I met saw them. They’re edged silver and black.

Cool huh?

Got a little side-tracked, where was I?

OK - so this world can get a little bizarre.

I think it’s all a bit of fun, as long as you don’t take any of it seriously.

My word, but how some people take it so seriously.

There, in some quarters, is rampant fear about control and domination by outside influence.

Even if it’s “all the Government’s fault”.

(I do get it - things could be better, for sure)

PERO (that’s Spanish for but, by the way) ...

If you master your mind, no one can control you.

You have the one thing no one can take away from you:

Freedom of choice.

Which is untouchable.

You rid yourself of all chains, at least all the chains that are relevant.

The might Plato once said: ____________

“One cannot make a slave of a free person, for a free person is free even in a prison” ____________

And Bob Marley (who may or may not have been a better singer than Plato, we will never know) -

“Free yourself from mental slavery”. Good advice, methinks.

You can now stop blaming giant lizards and the Government for your life - and gain true independence.

I can help with that, if you’re at all interested in freedom.

Go here:

You get more information, a "Quick Start Guide" and everything else you need.

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I asked the lady I told you about above about the lizards tails - wouldn’t people be standing on them all the time?

She said that was the most surprising thing to her -

Just as someone was about to stand on one it would swish out the way.

Love that.