"Yes Baby! Yes!”

yesLast time I wrote about the immense power of saying “no” to the things that won’t take you to where you want to go. You need to say no so you can say yes.

If that makes sense you’re a genius, and we should hang out more because you clearly get me.

No is wonderful.

And yet applied too often means you live in a very small box. One of your own creation.

You need to say yes too. Yes brings surprise and newness and difference and a bit of magic as well.

Put another way, you need to say no to doubt and doing the same things in order to have more adventure.

If you’re an outdoor type you know that knife edge of staying in your comfort zone and staying safe but extending yourself.

That’s why I love the outdoors: Because it shows you the power of yes.

No to fear, yes to growth.

There is a Jim Carrey film called “Yes Man”

It’s a good one, worth a watch.

Basically there’s this guy who doesn’t say “yes” enough, who then say yes a lot and well, he learns to say yes and no.

Balance, you see.

“So clear!” I hear you say.

The coffee clearly has not kicked in.

But in your own head - you have certain patterns of thinking that do not serve you in any admirable way.

They take you down, shrink your world, and means life is a bit grey.

Your job - assuming you want more Life in your life - is to see these patterns in action.

When you really become aware of them it becomes obvious that thinking them does you no good.

So then you can say no to these thoughts and yes to other, more life enhancing ones.

Becoming the master of your own head really is that simple.

Replace down thoughts with up thoughts.

It is one of the cornerstones of the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation techniques.

Combined with the ability to directly give you more presence and focus, they are very powerful tools for rewiring your mind.

Rewiring so you can free yourself of all the negative, down, reactive patterns and habits -

Meaning no to stress, struggle, self-sabotage;

And yes to being calm as a cucumber, happy as a Tibetan goat herder, and as focussed as monkey who has just pinched your mobile phone.

Evening course next week here:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/ascensionmeditation/ Go well! Arjuna


I’m pretty sure cucumbers are super calm.

I’ve never talked to one in depth about it, but they have that aura of cool, you know?