I Was Hit By Lightening

lighteningI had an epiphany the other day. An epiphany - as I discovered - is a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation.

(according to my trusty Mac’s dictionary)

A veritable bolt of lightening,

A switching on of the lightbulb,

A penny dropping.

What was it?

I realised that I would rather look good than be seen making mistakes.

I would rather maintain a facade (a thin facade at that) of seeming totally competent and in control …

Than going out on a limb and making mistakes and learning from those mistakes and ultimately improving fast.

All because I valued looking good to others more than progress.

I saw it on the river - and it meant in the past I wouldn’t try new things. Just the old trusty ones I knew I could pull off.

I saw it in my business - and it meant I wouldn’t speak in case I was wrong, it meant I wouldn’t do something new and uncomfortable in case I messed up.

People always talk about a fear of failure. ____________

“The real fear is NOT of failure but of 'looking' like a failure or 'looking' silly”. - Paul Mort _____________

He’s right - the real fear is indeed a fear of looking stupid, of looking like a failure.

Well today I celebrate - because I see the little sucker, that little programme thats been stopping things before they even begin.

Now I’m aware of it, I can do something about it.

Awareness of this stuff is the only way forward.

Because now - despite what the thoughts may say - I know about it. I can ignore it, and do things anyway.

I’m now prepared to possibly look stupid for the sake getting better, faster.

Because I can actually handle looking a bit dumb but I can’t handle not making the most of my time here.

Bring it on!



The reason I love the meditation I teach - and what I have practiced myself every single day since 2003 - is it gives anyone who does it greater awareness.

In awareness you have clarity so you have free choice.

It gives you calm and focus so you can carry out that choice, even if it requires courage.

In choice you can change and improve.

And when you improve you feel fantastic, and the whole world opens up a little more.

If you'd like to join me, I have what you need right here: