The Grandma With The “Steel Trap Mind” Beating Athletes A Third Of Her Age

diana nyad (Photo: Catherine Opie/NY Times)

Diana Nyad has her autobiography out very soon.

If you’ve never heard of her, I’m not surprised.

At 64 she is the only person to ever swim the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida.

That’s more than 5 times the Channel.

53 hours without sleeping or stopping.

But where the Channel is kinda nice, this swim is nasty.

The tides and currents are dodgy at best.

There are sharks and other things that aren’t happy with you being on their turf.

Like the most venomous animal in the world - the box jelly fish - who live there.

If you are most people, they sting you, your nervous system goes into instant paralysis, you stop breathing, you die.

She got stung, she kept swimming.

She said the pain was the worst pain she ever felt.

Did she stop? Nope.

So many people have tried this swim, she at 64 years old succeeded.

Her secret?

At that distance, with those tides, with the viciousness of the jellyfish...

The swim is no longer about age or gender or anything much physical.

She said:


"It becomes much more about who can resist pain, who can manage their energy, who has a steel-trap mind to be able to withstand it."


A steel trap mind. Awesome.

When she landed on the beach in Florida she got swamped, people crying, people wanting to touch her:


“I realised afterwards, they weren’t weeping because somebody finally made it or somebody set some sports record.

They were weeping because they saw someone who refused to give up.

And everyone has experience of that, whether it’s fighting cancer or raising a difficult child or whatever.”


Isn’t that the truth?

That is the most beautiful thing I have read for a long time.

Life isn’t about what you do, but how you do it.

Whether its a physical endurance slog fest or lifting that weight or making that line or landing that trick or creating your business or finishing that book or being the best gosh darn person you can be.

It’s all about your state of mind.

And about whether you give up, or simply gather whatever resources you can and keep going.

So many people give up too soon.

Get the help you need, and keep going. You can do this!

Take care. - Arjuna

Everyone has that voice that says that you’ll never make it.

That you’re stupid and a failure.

I have that voice.

I bet Diana Nyad has that voice.

Everyone has that voice.

It’s not about the voice, it’s what you do with it.

Whether you listen, or ignore it.

What you focus on, grows.

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