Nothing Ever Comes Easy - Or Does It?

nothing comesNothing ever comes easy, otherwise you’d fall into it.

Like continual calm, focus and good humour.

If it were easy, EVERYONE would be like this ALL the time.

Is it possible?

To be permanently in the Zone?

Of course it is

- you’ve spent big chunks of your life laughing like a drain.

Taking nothing seriously, so you’re calm and Alive, and supremely settled.

Not swayed, while others are stressing out around you.

Full of quiet confidence, and, full of peace and contentment.

It’s only not easy just because you don’t know how.

But it CAN be simple.

It CAN be a straightforward matter of practicing that right things.

"What are the right things?" I hear you ask …

Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter.

1). Choose your attitude

Are you focusing on the glass (or life) as being half full or half empty?

2). Find the silver lining

There’s always one, in any situation, even if it’s a lesson to grow for next time

3). See how you create your own stress

Stress comes from resistance to what is happening. Don’t resist. End of stress

4). Be aware of what your mind is telling you

Don’t let the voice in your head be a reality, let it be an option.

5). Choose well

Your life equals your choices. Choose well!

6). Live present in this moment

This is the only moment that you have, in all of time, NOW is it.

Important thing:

Your habits will be counter to these - this is what makes it all seem not easy.

But recognise the more you practice, the more you rewards you will experience.

Recognise that overcoming your habits is a simple matter of doing it.

If you want the tools that will crack your bad habits and whiney voice quicker than a nutcracker through (fresh) Christmas nuts, go here for a seat:

Have fun out there

  • Arjuna


Christmas nuts?

It’s not even the season.

And the 15 year old nuts that your gran would bring out, year in year out were disgusting, were they not?

These are not the nuts you are looking for.

However, these might be the nuts you want though: