The Zone - Your Natural State?

zoneWhat if I told you being in the Zone was your natural state?

That permanent calm, focus, happiness, heightened skills and senses was possible?

You may say “no way”, but it’s true.

The secret to being in the Zone is that you can’t try and be in the Zone.

It may sound all a bit Zen and beyond you, but stick with me.

Trying and straining to “get it” means you don’t get anything.

Olympic legend powerhouse gymnast (at 5 foot nothing) Simone Biles said recently:


“Most people would focus on concentrating more and I can’t do that. It almost makes me overthink a lot of my things. I have to focus on not thinking”


The secret to the Zone is this:

You can’t think.

How on EARTH do you not think?

Well, trying not to think does NOT work.

Trying to focus doesn’t either.

Instead, the secret lies in tuning into this precise moment in time.

Being aware of your senses more than your thoughts.

It means focussing on the here and now.

If you try, it means your body can’t do what it knows to do.

And it knows a lot - you don’t trust it enough.

And you start putting more attention on thinking again.

Now, before you throw this all away in disgust:

Being present is simple.

Learning not to think so much is too.

Just stop.

Be in your body, right now.

Tune into the sounds and feelings and sensations.

Let them all come and go.

Don’t chase any, just notice them.

Be in the centre of your awareness.

Job done.

Trouble is, you never practice focus and presence.

A recent study said that humans spend on average 47% of their day somewhere else.

How can you be in the Zone if you never practice it?

That’s right - you can’t.

The key right there is to practice as much as you can.

All of life benefits when you are present to it.

So you can’t lose.

You’re only going to get better at it.

Now if you really want the simple method?

If you want the tools dissolve all obstacles to you being present, focussed, and in the Zone?

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Nothing simpler, or more powerful.

Keep the peace!

  • Arjuna


You do have to practice of course.

Practicing the right things makes perfect.

And you will be wondering why you never did something like this a long, long time ago.

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