One small thing to make your relationships shine

relationship-shineI know this because I see it every where - and I can get lazy with this too. It’s one small thing you can do to make your personal life so much better.

When you first met your partner / wife / husband / significant other …

You were all over them.

Checking in, saying hello, buying presents, saying nice things, paying attention and compliments …

Am I right?


It’s easy to take them for granted.

A quick hello and a kiss on the cheek, and you’re somewhere else.

On the same couch but in different worlds.

On your phone, thinking about work, thinking about the weekend …

It’s easy not to be so full on now you’ve got them, now that they’re around all the time.

The thing is - all your relationships are living things.

If you want them to be in a half-way decent state, you have to feed them, you have to put effort into them.

But if you do go the extra mile?

If you do what you did when you were first getting together?

If you really engage and show an interest and give them more attention and appreciation?

You'll have:

- less arguments - more understanding - deeper connection - more and better sex - happier them, happier you - a team, not two individuals

And more.

I think you know what I mean.

Memo to self:

Don’t let up. Keep giving.

The more you invest in your relationship, the more you get out of it.

I”m off to buy some flowers.

Go well!



As always, if you ever ever need anything at all, just hit reply.


Meditation Apps:

Someone was asking about these.

I don’t really recommend many meditation apps because you now have the tools you need.

Apps can mean you can start to rely on something outside of you, and you really don’t want to rely on anything external to you, if that makes sense.

But if you like to have a guide, I’ve heard these two are good:

Stop, Breathe, Think, and Headspace.

The thing is it's so simple to learn how to meditate anywhere anytime - so you don't need a prop.

For more information, and a quick start guide to simple meditation, go here: PPPS.

I've got a live seminar coming up on Wednesday 26th October, in Darlington. 7.30pm

It's all about sports performance - well, and life performance, without self-sabotage and stress and struggle.

In other words, making it easy - because life can, and could, and should be easy and fun.

More details coming!