You’re a outdoor freak when …

outdoor freakYou can’t fit your car in the garage because of all the toys? Of course … an oldie but a goodie

How about welcoming bad weather with open arms and willingly going to bed early so you can get up and get going at the crack of dawn?

Ah yes …

Before outdoors (B.O.?) I would hate storms. I hated rain.


I was on the computer all the time over the weekend watching the latest weather reports.

All so I could see where the best place to go for some kayaking.

Bad weather means I see rivers filling up, or snow on it’s way, or surf lifting.

For sure - I know for some like Mountain Rescue and the Lifeboats storms coming in probably signals more work for them,

But given safety and the right equipment, now it’s such a buzz for me to be out when it’s wild.

I love how my attitude has transformed from one of complete resistance to bad weather to one of:

“Let’s see what we can do with it”


“Let’s make the most of it”

Are you the same?

With a small reach can you see how its your attitude that makes all the difference ANYWHERE in life?

I heard once a study that said Mondays were the biggest days for heart attacks and over all “premature” death.

There’s nothing inherently bad about Mondays, except - as you know …

We as humans live for 2 days out of 7.

Because that is the case, the day after that 2nd day (Mondays) really suck,

In fact they can be deadly.

(Best of staying in bed then, huh?)

It’s your attitude, its your approach that changes everything

Whether you really live a full and rich life, all the time,

Or just a fraction of the time.

And this is a great thing to REALLY get to grips with.

Because you can control your attitude.

You can choose it (if you get good at it)

You can’t necessarily control the weather, or Mondays, or life.

But you can control your attitude.

So practice that - practice choosing how you feel, your attitude and your perspective

Practice it even when everything is going good …

And then the bad times will be easier, because you have a stronger, more flexible attitude.

If you want help with that, I have just what you need.

A practice, a set of tools and understandings so you can have a bulletproof attitude.

With a bulletproof attitude, and the ability to be in the here and now, all of life gets sweeter.

The end of stress, fear, anxiety. 200% of life

Go here and opt in for more information, and daily reminders like this one:

Take it easy out there,

And if you need anything, get in touch. I’d love to help.



Being a kayaker is the best thing for welcoming rain.

If you can train yourself to be interested when it looks bad and everyone else is losing it?

I do believe you’ll become unstoppable.

And at least have all the fun, and no heart attacks on Mondays.

Sounds good to me.