What if stress, struggle and compromise was optional?

Whatever you do, however you live, what if it is possible to be completely and constantly free of doubt, worry, fear, self-sabotage and compromise?

You never have to struggle again.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Someone wise once said that in life “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”.

Honestly - Things can happen that you would rather not, but they don’t have to affect your peace.

They don’t have to stop you being calm, clear and content.

When you know this, all stress becomes an option.

You may not know how to live this way, but simply hold it as a possibility - what if you were able to live this way?

Holding it as just a possibility is the greatest beginning.


Have a look at yourself first - “what choices am I making that mean I get stressed?”

“Do I want to be stressed”?

“What choices can I make that will create a different result?”

It’s easy to point the finger and find the source of stress and struggle outside of yourself, but you can be sure you have also made choices that bring you to this point.

If you want a fast path, assume that stress isn’t about the outside at all.

It is totally about your perception of events.

You are in control of your own perception and judgement.

That you can change.

Change your perception, change the fixed nature of your future plans, change your insistence that other people change… all this means you don’t get stressed.

Don’t lose your peace.

You can learn to be totally present, accepting of what is.

In that stress becomes an option.

Why not? Why not explore that? Wouldn’t it be worth being stress, struggle and compromise free?

I say it is.

Keep on truckin’ - keep on moving in that direction and you’ll get there.