Religious Experience In the Fish and Chip Shop

religiousMy first religious experience was in a fish and chip shop playing the video game Gauntlet. You may know it from your youth?

(Showing my age here)

But the point is, Time seriously stood still.

There was no “Valkyrie is about to die” (she was the best) because I couldn’t lose.

I was so calm, and so tuned in, and so full of quiet joy.

Skills and senses met perfectly the challenge of the little pixels.

People came and went, I was immersed in the one constant.

And I knew what a religious experience was, at the altar in my little fish and chip shop church.

Life made perfect sense, you know?

Life came Alive.

Trudging home on a rainy night, the pavement shone.

I was just happy, for no reason.

And after that night, that was all I was really interested in.

Finding that again, being that again.

It’s the reason I love being in the outdoors -

From the very first moment I was taken on my first outdoor camp as a kid, it’s always been about getting into this Zone of complete fullness.

I didn’t have the language then, but I do now.

It’s all about being so present and alive.

Having heightened senses and buzz and contentment and ALIVENESS.

Everything slotted into place, everything making sense, the whole rat race, the whole of meaning and purpose found in one moment.

And I’ve tried drugs - it seems the psychedelics replicated that sense of Zone and flow the best.

But were ultimately unsustainable and unpredictable.

Hence why I kept looking and eventually found meditation.

Ascension meditation that was simple and powerful, and didn’t mean I had to believe anything, or change anything,

Just gave me a tool to go beyond thinking too much, beyond regret and fear

And be perfectly, completely present and immersed and alive.

Now - I don’t want this to be self-indulgent.

My aim is to make these ramblings about you - and how your life, sport, career, relationships, etc can be bigger and better.

Because we humans settle for so much less than is possible.

And I, in my small way, can help that not be the case - if that is of interest to you.

Let me know if it is.

Take care out there, go well, live fully.




You might be interested in learning meditation from me.

I’ll teach you how to find your church - in the Faithless "God is a DJ" sense.

Really showing my age today.

-----> The place where everything makes sense.

Where you find sanctuary, and rest, and Life.

You don’t have to believe a single thing I say. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not.

Just be open minded, and commit to practicing a few simple things.

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