The one vital - yet simple - key to perfect meditations

I saw a funny guided meditation this morning, and it reminded me of something extremely valuable.

It’s called, and I apologise in advance for the profanity, “F**k It” meditation.

I only write about it, not because I rejoice in crassness, but it serves a valuable teaching purpose.

Or something like that.

But anyhow… what a wonderful attitude.

How wonderful if you applied that attitude to your own meditation practice…

What if you just stopped doing, trying, scrambling, for anything?

That’s the whole purpose of meditation - to give yourself a moment to do nothing.

Nothing at all.

How often do you do nothing?

That’s right - not enough.

But it’s easy to bring a “get there faster” achievement mentality to meditation.

I know that, having a background in sports, there is a certain amount of “just do it… yesterday” attitude around.

“If I was doing it right there wouldn’t be all these thoughts”

“If I was doing it right there I wouldn’t get distracted”

“If I was doing it right, a lotus would grow as my seat, and celestial beings would come and massage my shoulders”…

So meditation is the opposite of that.

It is giving up the right.

It is giving up the wrong.

It is indeed saying “F**k It” to everything.

It is doing nothing, but doing nothing with a purpose.

That purpose is in this moment to just gently notice everything.

You see when you give up, you stop focussing on the thing you think “should” be happening, and just let everything happen.

When you let everything be there, you notice more.

You widen your focus. You allow everything to come and go.

You get perspective.

Your body rests. Your mind rests deeper than ever before (even if you don’t realise this is happening)

You don’t cling to the one thing, you let everything.

You become the ocean.

(that’s spiritual talk that is)

So when you sit down and close your eyes today - stop achieving, searching, hunting.

Do nothing. Even say “F**k It” if it helps.

You may believe you can’t meditate, or that it’s difficult. But everyone can do nothing. Everyone can give up trying.

Close your eyes, and simply notice what there is to notice.

If you know the Ascension techniques, wait, just notice - what’s the hurry, huh? and then introduce one. See what happens.

You have it good - they do everything for you,

They “disapparate" (told you I was reading Harry Potter) the clinging to an outcome, they guide you to the truth of the matter.

Whatever you do, just do nothing.

And reap the rewards.