When Chick Flicks Turn Out To Be Great

Is there a word for that pleasant sense of surprise when you really enjoy a film you had assumed will be absolute rubbish? There should be.

Sumati and I have been going to a lot of films lately -

We figure we won’t get so much of a chance when baby comes.

She really wanted to see “La La Land”

I agreed to go, because I’m a good husband -

But really I just had the idea it would be a chick flick and a musical combined, which is my worst cinematic nightmare.

I’m not a big fan of “girly films”, but I really don’t like musicals.

Just start humming the tune to that song from Frozen and I get all edgy -

(And this is with a daily meditation practice - imagine me without … )

And yet I liked this film.

More than that, I really LOVED it.

Left the cinema humming the theme tune.

What a nice surprise huh?

That should teach me -

Lesson No.1:

Stay innocent.

Don’t prejudge anything.

Have no expectations.

I know those expectations are usually there because of past experience, but be fluid with them.

Don’t hold them tight because you make your world super small -

They mean you don’t allow for change.

I certainly was glad I went along despite my (super low) expectations.

Expectations and assumption nicely dovetail.

It happens so much in life, doesn’t it?

We drag the past into this moment and ASSUME it will be exactly the same.

In relationship - so often people stop TRULY communicating because of these two things.

They expect and assume, so they never ask.

People assume that their relationships are solid, but they do little make SURE they are.

They don’t do the work to keep building the love up, least of all just to keep it alive, firing, exciting.

Relationships become “transactional” -

As in “don’t forget to get the milk”, or “can you pick up the kids?”

Busy lives mean relationships get taken for granted, the nurturing gets forgotten.

Don’t do this!!

It leads to awful results.

And so often you least expect it when they sit down and have “that” talk with you.

Because you’re so unaware.

Where does meditation come into all of this?

See - meditation gives you the awareness of your patterns and habits.

It makes you more loving and attentive.

It gives you perspective to see what you want to prioritise, and the headspace to follow through.


I can give you exactly what you need to meditate like a champion,

And have the greatest relationship you have ever had,

(I’m know this because I’ve gone from uselessly unaware in relationships, FULL of expectation and assumption, to living the best relationship I’ve ever had, right now)

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Go well, keep the peace! Arjuna


I’m talking about ANY relationship.

With your kids, at work, with your team mates, the shop keeper

Every relationship you value needs you FULLY in it.