I'm Terrified

Scariest thing in my life? Turning into my father.

I’m not even a dad yet and I open my mouth and out comes my dad’s words.

What happened to ME??!

He’s a great man, really a great dad, and as a young fella I idolised him.

Your kids?

Are just the same.

They want to be just like you.

They copy everything you do.


Everything you say, every facial expression, every single thing.

Had a friend sit down at his computer and his girl came with her plastic kids laptop and sat down beside him.

She opened the lid up, put her face in her hands, and made a huge sigh / moan -

You know that sound …

When you can’t be arsed, but you must.

When the weight of the world is on top of your shoulders,

And the drudgery of life is killing you.

At three years old she learnt it straight from him:

“This is life, and it’s a drag”.

Woke him up, straight away.

Think about it for a moment -

If you don’t change yourself and you don’t care then that’s fine.

But your kids are going to end up just like you.

They’ll get stressed at the same things you do,

Blow your top just like you do,

Have the same relationship with work and money as you do,

Be addicted to the phone and spend hours on Facebook just like you do,

Treat their partners just like you do.

They may well get to a point -

Perhaps like you (and me) they’ll realise they are going to do things differently,

But the basic foundation is already there, it’s laid so young.

If you want to do it differently?

Become conscious -

Make aware choices.

Don’t do stuff “just because” …

Meditation will give you that insight,

Simply and easily, with time and practice to be sure,

But it’s the quickest way of turning a light on and seeing what you are doing.

You want to make different, better, freer choices?

Let’s give you a programme, simple and powerful - and then give you all the inspiration you need to get it done:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Go well!

And of course - take it easy,

Arjuna -


In many ways we can’t do things differently from our fathers -

Chances are we still have to bring home the bacon of some sort, with all of the pressure that CAN get picked up with it.

But nonetheless - what I’m talking about is not so much doing different things, but perhaps doing the same things differently.

Do you see?