When to give up

I just returned home from a marathon trip away teaching. It’s been amazing, meeting up with so many wonderful people. But it is lovely to be home. So nice to be with the fiancee, even though she has an awful cold and I have to be on the couch to get any sleep. But I'd rather that than any hotel room.

So good too to do nothing for a whole day. Just whatever we want.

In my travels I talked to a wonderful lady whose husband had died of cancer some years ago. She was saying how hard it was for her to just get up and get out of the house to do something, anything instead of wallow.

It took her real energy and courage to get dressed and walk out the door and join other people. Yet it was something she committed to doing, consistently.

The thing that struck me too was how, occasionally, she gave herself permission to give up. To not join in. To get to the front door, dressed up and car keys in hand, and then to turn around and just stay at home.

There’s a great balance to be had in absolutely committing to an action and following through and yet also on those days when you just really don’t want to, just not doing.

I’d been committed to writing to you guys almost everyday, and then over the last few days I just really needed a break from doing anything.

So I took it.

Recharged I now feel. 

Sometimes you just got to take a break, from your own expectations, and from the world’s.

For a couple of days, or a day. For half a day. Even just for ten minutes. Whatever you can get.

Do you take enough time for yourself?

If you know how to Ascend you can squeeze a lot of recharge into ten minutes. Done every day it’s a life saver.

Next retreat course here in Richmond - close to the train line - is 5-7 February, perfect for a recharge after Christmas. But I also got a plan for something really great in the New Year too. I’ll let you know when I work out the details.

Until then, enjoy!

Have a great weekend.